Wild Cards I. George R.R. Martin

Wild Cards I

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Wild Cards I George R.R. Martin

This volume in the Wild Cards shared-world saga is an expanded edition of the first in the series, containing all the stories and pseudodocuments of the alternate time line launched when the Wild Card virus hit during WWII that were in the 1987 original edition. Some of the stories have been expanded, and to them are added a batch of new stories that, by and large, fit well with the old. Among the best of the oldies are Walter Jon Williams’ “Witness” and Melinda Snodgrass’ “Degradation Rites.” Carrie Vaughn has done the new “Ghost Girl Takes Manhattan,” and David Levine, “Powers.” Old faithfuls among Wild Cards fans may really revel, but even newbies should enjoy this solid volume of intelligent entertainment.

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